Corporate Event Planners: Helping Businesses Plan and Execute Successful Events

In the corporate world, regardless of the type of business you operate, you would always have the need to host various corporate events as the year goes by; from social gatherings to educative seminars, workshops and conferences. Planning and successfully executing these events can be painstaking as well as time-consuming. This is the reason business professionals prefer to employ the services of an event planner to help with such events as it arises.

The MBE Group will help take your event to the next level. Managing your daily workload on a 9-5 business clock is already enough work to contend with, including the extra burden of planning an event to that may be impossible to cope with. This will only lead to disappointments, clashes of interest and conflicts. Corporate businesses simply do not have the time or the man-power to spend planning events, and in essence hiring a corporate event planner becomes a necessity.

The tasks an event planner can perform are limitless just to ensure the smooth running of the corporate event. From initial planning to execution, the event planner makes sure that everything is in place to make the event a huge success. As professionals in their field, event planners make provision for even the slightest unforeseen circumstances and make adequate preparations to control them if need be (or take precautions to avoid them). Their keen eye for detail will ensure that everything goes as expected to. Once you have employed the services of an event planner, you have no reason to worry about a thing because as the song goes ‘every little thing is going to be alright’.

Discussing the details of the envisioned event with the planner is the first thing to do. Your wants, desires and the goals you hope to achieve would enable the planner decide on the décor and overall atmosphere to be created during the event. Working closely with the event planner is important to ensure a successful and well coordinated event.

Money is a scarce commodity as a result setting a clear budget is of utmost importance; you don’t want to spend more than you can afford to, and also you want to get value for the money spent in planning and executing the event. The expertise of the planner comes in handy in making a reasonable budget.

Event programming is done to determine the chronological order in which the various segments of the event will take place. When will the program start? How long will each presentation take? When will the refreshments be served? The event planner prepares stepwise information on programming for your event as well as the proposed duration for each segment and/or presentation. This is needed for the smooth running of a corporate event.

The event planner also helps you choose the most reliable and trusted vendors in the vicinity according to their experience while working with them. They also help with venues and/or sites that will be most convenient and suitable for the type of event that you have in mind and the budget you are operating on. Having an event planner on your side is an advantage because you have a skilled negotiator contracting vendors on your behalf. They can cut the best deals with vendors as a result of their personal relationships with them, saving you some cost.

Managing the actual event can only be done by a master planner. Adequate controls will be put into place (in the case of any kind of emergencies) for the smooth running of the event. The planner makes certain that the event must be a successful one. This makes it possible for you to relax and enjoy your event with your guests.

The event planner also ensures that after the event, interviews are carried out or questionnaires are distributed to the guests to evaluate their experience of the event. This allows for improvement and future references on both the part of the event planner and the corporate client.

Top Event Planner Services      

Venue Finding:

The event planner should be your ‘go-to-guy’ for finding the right venue at the right time. He should able to scout for that perfect location for a business meeting or a photo shoot session. Their contacts with a wide range of venue managers, and their experience working in the venue will ensure that they get the venue most suited for your event.

On the day support:

The planner provides you with a delivery team on the day of the event which takes care of logistics; from ushering to accommodation, catering and dining if applicable. Employing the services of an event planner alleviates the stress of organizing and running an event, allowing you to focus on your guests while enjoying the event.

Financial Budgeting:

Whether planning a big or small event, the planner ensures that money is only spent where and when necessary. From handling negotiations, to securing venues at the best prices making you get adequate value for your money. The personal and professional network of the event planner makes all this possible and ensures your event will come out as you have envisioned it to be and better.

Marketing and Promotion:

Publicity and Public relations is carried out by the event planner with help from professional marketing teams to ensure that your event is branded and well publicized. Events can be promoted through websites, hand-bills, posters, and bill-boards. Social media also is now a tool in promotion and marketing of events due to high level of online-presence.


Entertainment is the highlight of every event and thus every event needs one. From motivational speakers to comedians, the event planner has the right contact in the industry to provide you with quality entertainment, to ensure that your guests are kept awake and your event alive, all through. All necessary audio and visual needs will also be made possible by the help of your event planner, all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy your event.

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